The Designer's Guide to VHDL

Peter J. Ashenden

Source Code and Test Benches in MSDOS Format

1 Fundamental Concepts
2 Scalar Data and Operations
3 Sequential Statements
4 Composite Data Types and Operations
5 Basic Modeling Constructs
6 Case Study: A Pipelined Multiplier Accumulator
7 Subprograms
8 Packages and Use Clauses
9 Aliases
10 Case Study: A Bit Vector Arithmetic Package
11 Resolved Signals
12 Generic Constants
13 Components and Configurations
14 Generate Statements
15 Case Study: The DLX Computer System
16 Guards and Blocks
17 Access Types and Abstract Data Types
18 Files and Input/Output
19 Case Study: Queuing Networks
20 Attributes and Groups
21 Miscellaneous Topics
A Synthesis

Archive of all source code in MSDOS format